Fujifilm GFX 100S

I bought a brand new X-T3 four months ago but as a Fujifilm customer I am excited to read about the GFX 100S.

It is like a Mercedes E class owner being stunned by a Maybach!

Typically reviews have been praising the more compact design of the GFX 100S that comes at a lower price compared to the original GFX 100 version. Apparently, the addition of “S” is to remark its “smaller” size whilst retaining all features – including in-body stabilisation.

Please help me out. Why didn’t Fujifilm call it 102 given it has 102 megapixels???

In many respects, the new medium format GFX 100S is a bargain. In the UK it costs £5,500 that is £53.92 per megapixel. To put this into context, the X-T4’s 26.1-megapixel (same per my X-T3) camera costs £1,550 i.e. £59.34 per megapixel.

FYI, a note on the Mercedes analogy I made in the intro. If the GFX100S is the Maybach, then the GFX50S is the Mercedes S-class, the X-T3/4 the E-class, the X-S10/X-T30 the C-class etc.

Link to a 3rd party review of the GXF 100S: CLICK HERE

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