Atelier by Khosh

Model: @Fordos_Michael

Photographer: Stefano Snapshots

Designer: Khosh Horre (@atelier_by_khosh)

Location: Leonardo Royal Hotel London St Paul’s 

Photoshoot directed by @snapshot_syndicate

Tools: Nikon D850; Nikkor 70-200mm; Godox AD200 pro flash; PixaPro umbrella.


All images taken by Stefano (member of the Snapshot Syndicate) with a Nikon D850 DLSR and three Nikkor lenses (AF-S 14-24mm, AF-S 28mm, AF-S 70-200mm).

White House

I can now share some pictures taken in early November as part of a photoshoot for a calendar and fashion magazine published in Poland. The session was staged at the White House in West London, currently residency of Prince John Zylinski, a Polish aristocrat who was said to be a good friend of the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

All images were shot with a Fujifilm X-T3 and two lenses: Fuji XF 35mm (50mm full frame equivalent) and Viltrox 56mm (85mm full frame equivalent).


A few other pictures taken with Fujifilm’s flagship medium format GFX 100S, a 102-megapixel camera I tested at the weekend alongside the GF 110mm lens (85mm full frame equivalent). This is definitely a studio beast. We had such a great time with this camera as results were astonishing. The only issue I experienced was the built-in light metering I did not find as accurate as on a Nikon D810 (full frame, 36 megapixels), particularly when having the flash trigger mounted.

Having tested free of charge the camera, the obvious question is… would I buy one? Well, the camera and lens I used come with a heathy price tag, just south of £8k. Is it really worth £8k? The output is amazing but if you are willing to sacrifice a little the output, then a high resolution full frame camera e.g. Nikon D850 with 46 megapixels would yield phenomenal results as well.

The Nikon Sessions

My idea of “recovery” doesn’t necessarily involve “resting” per se. Guess what I did the moment I was allowed some movement on the arm I fractured nearly five weeks ago…. I borrowed my mate’s Nikon camera and took a portrait of him. The location was my local Starbucks.

A few points of note.

I must admit full frame has still the edge on mirrorless in terms of image output. That said, I would not trade my existing camera for a full frame as “size does matter”. My Fujifilm X-T3 is the ideal travel companion thanks to its compact size and and light weight (the Nikon D810 weights 980g vs the X-T3’s 539g). Should I ever decide to upgrade (and I will once I save up £6,500), my next camera is likely to be a Fujifilm medium format (GFX 50 S II) that is actually smaller and lighter than the Nikon D810 DLSR full frame camera I used on this occasion.

Nikon D810 & Nikkor 50mm 1.4
Nikon D810 & Nikkor 50mm 1.4
Nikon D810 & Nikkor 85mm 1.4 – photo by Jutiar Photography