About us – Life thru a lens

Colour or black and white.

Lights and shadows.

Life is a journey we live and breathe everyday. Everybody’s experience is different. Two individuals may stare at the same object and see different things. One person may have a wide angle lens mounted. Another may have a narrower lens. One person may press the shutter whilst standing on one side of the street. Another may be right in the middle or on the other side of the street. You don’t need to be two different individuals to take two different pictures of the same object. How many times have you visited a place and taken completely different photographs? It happens to me a lot. Why does it happen? Well, I may have mounted a different lens. I may be in a different mood or I may have arrived at a particular location at a different time of the day in different weather conditions.

Feel free to get in touch (see Contacts and Learn Photography pages) if you are getting into photography or would like to avail of our services e.g. fashion and portrait photoshoot.