Learn photography

If you are based around London and you’d like to learn the art – or more simply meet up for a session – please feel free to get in touch via my Contacts page.

Here’s a little piece of advice:

  1. If you are getting into photography, any entry level camera will do. After all, the first step is to learn the “triangle” (ISO, shutter speed, aperture).
  2. Don’t get obsessed with your gear! Don’t rush into buying any piece of kit just for the sake of it!
  3. Start off with a camera body and a kit lens (typically a zoom covering 18-55mm range).
  4. Make sure you buy a lens and sensor cleaning kit. You need to look after your camera.
  5. Get yourself a tripod (a must have for long exposures and night photography).
  6. Once you know the basics, then buy a prime lens (a fixed focal lens e.g. a 35mm would be perfect for street photography or even portraits).
  7. Neutral density (ND) filters and all the accessories can follow at a later date!

Post scriptum. Camera bodies are important but please save up your money for top notch lenses. A good lens mounted on a mediocre camera will always yield better results than mounting a cheap lens on a pro camera!