Sifnos (not quite) outtakes

If I were a musician and had to pick a dozen songs to put out on a new record I would probably be silly enough to leave out some potential Number One singles! At least, this is the way I felt when a few days ago I scanned through the memory cards from my holidays. As I was ‘grounded’ with a fractured right arm and unable to take any new picture, I was desperate to find some cool shot I may have missed in the first place. And I got one that could possibly be one of my top 5 pictures taken in Sifnos in June. I actually did not make much of it when I started editing the picture until I showed it to a friend who simply said “this is art; you should print it and hang it on to wall”. I suppose it has nice colours. The terracotta ashtray nicely contrasts the different shades of azure coming through the glass window with the horizontal lines reminiscent of a Mark Rothko painting.

Kamares Port, Sifnos (Fujifilm X-T3 & XF 18-55mm)

Another picture I somehow overlooked is that of a local farmer walking home with his donkey. Shot in Katavati, a small village in Sifnos, I must have edited this one at least three times. The first take was in black and white but it seemed to be lacking character. The second version had a definite ‘film’ look but it was overedited and for that reason I never posted it anywhere. Below is my third and final attempt.

Katavati, Sifnos (Fujifilm X-T3 & XF 18-55mm)

Post scriptum. Both images were taken with a Fujinon XF 18-55mm. Not bad for a ‘kit lens’, uh?