Wedding checklist

Should you be interested in availing our expertise for your perfect wedding day, please consider the following:

Do you need photos only?

Do you need a video? Synopsys and/or extended highlights and/or full ceremony?

Do you need full coverage, from prep shots to the last dance?

Moments we’d typically capture include the following:

Prep shots
Dress hanging/draper
Bride’s ring
Mother zipping/buttoning dress
Bride doing/fixing hair
Bride in mirror
Bride pinning flowers on parents
Parents handing bride bouquet
Bride’s shoes beneath her dress
Groom fixing hair
Parents pinning flowers on groom
Groom in the mirror
Bride/groom entering/exiting limos
Venue’s exterior
Venue’s interior
Rings on pillow
Groom entering church/venue
Parents being seated
Grandparents and maid entering/seated
Groom waiting on altar
Bride waiting in foyer
Bridesmaids/Groomsmen entering
Flower girl entering
Ring bearer entering
Bride and father entering
Groom’s reaction
Guest reactions
Front/side/back of bride
Exchanging rings
Signing certificate
Walking down the aisle
Bride and groom getting into limo
Bride and groom in limo
Venue exterior
Venue interior
Tables with favours
Wedding cake
Gift table
Guest book
Bride and groom entering
Guests getting food/eating
Cutting the cake
Feeding each other
Bouquet toss
First dance
Bride/father dance
Groom/mother dance